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Mountainous area revitalization event held by students!

  1. Mountainous area revitalization event held by students!

On Sunday, May 21, 2023, a total of about 40 people, including 25 students, 3 faculty and staff, 6 elementary school students recruited from the public, and local residents, participated in the activity.
In the morning session “Challenge Voice Optical Communication!”, we composed an optical transmitter and an optical receiver to create a voice optical communication device. The optical transmitter converted the audio signal into LED light and propagated. In the optical receiver, the light propagated by the phototransistor receives it, converts the light into a voltage change, and plays music. The elementary school students understood the circuit diagram and worked with technical college students to create a voice optical receiver.
In the afternoon, the participants experienced planting glutinous rice in a fallow field in Sasado Town, Toyota City, which was leased by the Toyota National College of Technology Domitown Executive Committee, with the support and cooperation of local residents in advance preparations such as rice raising and seedling preparation.
In the hot and cheerful weather, technical college students, elementary school students, and local residents worked hard to plant rice together.

We are preparing for the next event, Sunday, September 17, to experience harvesting rice and work on new scientific work.

[Science craft “Challenge to voice optical communication!”]
【The instructor of science and crafts was Mr. Yoshiaki Takai, the 9th principal of Toyota National College of Technology. 】

【Commemorative photo with all participants】
【Rice planting】