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For Students

Basic Plan for Bullying Prevention

  1. Basic Plan for Bullying Prevention
All students can live their school life with peace of mind
We will comprehensively and effectively promote measures to prevent bullying at our school.

Basic Plan for Bullying Prevention
Bullying Prevention Programs and Manuals
Self-evaluation and improvement of the FY3 Bullying Prevention Basic Plan (R4.12.27)Reiwa


Information on the bullying consultation desk

We will introduce the consultation desk available to our students, including bullying issues.

【On-campus Consultation Desk】
Student Support Office
Phone Number : 0565-36-5844
E-mail address : soudan@toyota-ct.ac.jp
Homepage : Toyota National College of Technology HP Top Page > Current Students > Student Support Office

【External Consultation Desk】 (*For details, please refer to the website of each consultation desk.) )

Consultation Desk contact jurisdiction
KOSEN Health Consultation Office 0800-000-2228 National Institute of Technology
24-hour kids SOS dial 0120-0-78310 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Children’s Human Rights 110 0120-007-110 Ministry of Justice
Children’s Human Rights SOS Email i.moj.go.jp Ministry of Justice
Children’s SOS Hot Line 24 052-261-9671 Aichi Prefectural Board of Education
Young Telephone 052-764-1611 Aichi Prefectural Police
Children’s Human Rights Consultation 052-586-7831 Aichi Bar Association
Toyota Children’s Rights Consultation Office (Kokotoyo) 0120-797-931 Toyota City
Nagoya City General Counseling Center for Children and Young People
(*For residents of Nagoya City)
(Please replace the ☆ part with @ and send.) )
Nagoya City