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Visiting classes

  1. Visiting classes
Educational Support in Local Communities
We will visit elementary and junior high schools and conduct classes.

Visiting classes (for elementary and junior high school students)

For visiting classes in 2023, depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection,
Please note that the implementation may be postponed or canceled.

Visiting classes are classes conducted by teachers of Toyota National College of Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Toyota National College of Technology”) who visit elementary and junior high schools.

With the aim of supporting education in the community, Toyota National College of Technology accepts applications for visiting classes from elementary and junior high schools. We have a variety of classes that can be used for special activities and comprehensive study time. (The list of visiting classes for the 2023 academic year was sent out in late March.) )

The “target grade, number of students and class hours per class” listed in the list of visiting classes is a guide. In addition, the content of the class may be changed according to the requests of elementary and junior high schools. Please feel free to contact us using the preliminary consultation form.

* In order to use visiting classes more widely, we will hold up to two classes per school within the fiscal year.

Types of styles

Application flow

  1. Please send the “Visiting Class Advance Consultation Form” by e-mail or fax at least one month before the scheduled date to the person in charge below.
    * The final reception date will be the end of December.
  2. The faculty member in charge who has confirmed the “Advance Consultation Form” will contact you to see if it can be implemented.
    If you are notified that it can be implemented, please adjust the schedule at this time.
     * It may take about 1~2 weeks to adjust the schedule.
  3. After making adjustments, please send the “Application Form for Visiting Classes” to the following person in charge so that it will be delivered at least 2 weeks before the event date.
  4. A notice of course decision will be mailed to the applicant.

* To send documents related to this matter, please send them by e-mail or fax to the following visiting class contact information.

Cost burden

In principle, the school will bear the costs related to the dispatch of instructors and the implementation of visiting classes.
We may ask you to bear the actual cost of materials, etc.

Visiting class Inquiries
〒471-8525 Aichi-ken, Toyota-shi, Sakaeichō-cho 2-1
Toyota National College of Technology
General Affairs Division, General Affairs Planning Section

* For security measures, the email address is displayed as an image.