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Introduction to the Department


Developing broad perspective through learning
Learning multiple fields of study

Outline of General Education

 In Japan, a proficient technical expert is expected to be not only a highly cultured, well-rounded person but also a contributing member of society. To attain this ideal, even those who pursue specialized studies are required to take liberal arts, natural sciences and other subjects outside of their own specialized fields. For this reason, special attention is given to subjects in general education and 45 percent of the total class hours are assigned to general subjects which include fundamental subjects indispensable to specialized studies.During the first and second years, students concentrate on general subjects and gradually take more specialized subjects as their major during the third, fourth and fifth years.
 There are many good facilities and equipment which can be freely utilized for class activities. CALL room has installed personal computers with the latest system for  a more effective foreign language learning and other ICT educational activities. There are numerous sports facilities and two well-equipped laboratories for physics and chemistry which meet students’ needs. These educational aids are the means by which the general education of the college is effectively provided.

What you’ll learn

first-year student JapaneseⅠ,Contemporary Society,Geography,AnalysisⅠ,Linear MathematicsⅠ,Basic Science,PhysicsⅠ,ChemistryⅠ,Health and Physical EducationⅠ,English ReadingⅠ,English Conversation,English Grammar & Composition
second-year student JapaneseⅡ,HistoryⅠ,AnalysisⅡ,Linear MathematicsⅡ,PhysicsⅡ,Physics Experiments,ChemistryⅡ,Health and Physical EducationⅡ,English ReadingⅡ,English Expression 
third-year student JapaneseⅢ,HistoryⅡ,Ethics,AnalysisⅢ,Ⅳ, Differential Equation,Probability,ChemistryⅢ,Health and Physical EducationⅢ,English ReadingⅢ,Scientific English (Basic)Ⅰ
fourth-year student Japanese Composition and Style,Health and Physical EducationⅣ,Advanced EnglishⅠ,Scientific English (Basic)Ⅱ、Advanced Mathematics,Advanced Physics,Advanced Chemistry,PhilosophyⅠ,Advanced History,Contemporary Social StudiesⅠ,LawⅠ,EconomicsⅠ,PhilosophyⅡ,Advanced HistoryⅡ,Contemporary Social StudiesⅡ,LawⅡ,EconomicsⅡ
5th grade Health and Physical EducationⅤ,Advanced EnglishⅡ,German,Advanced EnglishⅢ,Literature,Human ScienceⅠ,Social ScienceⅠ,Human ScienceⅡ,Social ScienceⅡ


Faculty of the Department of General Studies

[ ] Field of Expertise As of 04/01/2023


associate professor M.A. YAMAGUCHI, Hisa 【Japanese Literature(Modern)】
associate professor Ph.D.  EGUCHI, Keiko 【Japanese Literature】
associate professor Ph.D.  TAMADA, Saori 【Japanese Literature】

Social Studies

professor Ph.D. KITANO, Takashi 【Philosophy (Phenomenology)】
associate professor Ph.D. KYOGOKU, Toshiaki 【History (Modern Europe)】
lecturer Ph.D. TAKAHASHI, Seigo 【Geography】


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professor D.Ph. YONEZAWA, Yoshimi 【Mathematical Logic】  
professor D.Ph. KATSUTANI, Hiroaki 【Mathematical Logic】 Go to personal website
professor D.Sc. TAKAMURA, Akira 【Neutrino Physics】  
professor D.Sc. KANESAKA, Naohiro 【Complex Analysis】  
associate professor D.Sc. YOSHIZAWA, Takeshi 【Algebra】  
lecturer D.Sc. TAKESHI, Nao 【Algebra】  


professor D.Sc. MIURA, Hirokazu 【Organic Chemistry】  
professor D.Sc. KON,Noriyoshi 【Organic Chemistry】  
professor D.Eng. EMOTO, Takashi 【Surface Science】  
associate professor D.Sc. OMORI, Yukiko 【Condensed matter physics】 Go to personal website
lecturer D.Sc. YANAI, Shota 【Theoretical Physics】  

Health and Physical Education

professor M.Ph. TAKATSU, Hiroaki 【Sports Psychology】
associate professor Ph.D. KATO, Takahide 【Exercise Physiology】
lecturer M.Ed. KONDO, Masaya 【Sports Kinematics】
(Commission) M.Ed. ITO,Michio 【Exercise Physiology】


associate professor Ph.D. ICHIKAWA, Yuri 【Teaching English as a Foreign Language】  
lecturer M.A. YAMADA, Keita
【Applied Linguistics】  
lecturer M.Ed. TERASHIMA, Hiroki
【Teaching English as a Foreign Language】  
lecturer Ph.D. KAWASHIMA, Ayana
【English Literature】  
lecturer M.A. ENDO, Soma 【Western History】  
(Commission) M.Ed. KAMIYA,Masaaki 【English Linguistics】 Go to personal website