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For Female Students

  1. For Female Students
Science girls are attracting attention now
Currently, the status of engineers and researchers in the field of science is increasing.
Female students who graduated from Toyota National College of Technology are also active in society.
Here, we will tell you about the female students of Toyota National College of Technology.

Women’s situation at Toyota National College of Technology

The percentage of female students is 1 in 4!

People tend to think that they are all boys with a strong image of science students, but this is not the case.
26% of all students are women.

Does the number of students differ depending on the department?

All departments are staffed by girls. The number of female students enrolled by department (main course) in the Reiwa 5th academic year is as follows.

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering: 26 (13%) female students out of 205 students in all grades
  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering: 32 out of 206 students in all grades are female students (about 16%)
  • Department of Information Engineering: 46 out of 220 students in all grades are female students (about 21%)
  • Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering: Of the 207 students in all grades, 71 are female students (about 34%)
  • Department of Architecture: 102 out of 207 students in all grades are female students (about 49%)


An environment that supports technical college girls

The image of technical colleges is dominated by boys, and it is easy to think that the facilities are more than those of men, but that is not the case. In addition to the girls-only student dormitory, toilets, changing rooms, and showers are equally available for men and women, so you can spend your student life with peace of mind.

Student dormitory

Toyota National College of Technology has a student dormitory as one of the educational facilities. Currently, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the capacity is greatly reduced, but about 100 girls are enjoying their dormitory life.
People grow through relationships with people. Dormitory life is a place where you can correct your own shortcomings and further develop your strengths in your interactions with classmates, seniors, and faculty members.

Club activities

Toyota National College of Technology supports the activities of clubs (clubs and clubs) of the Physical Education Club and the Cultural Club so that students can have a rich and meaningful experience.
Many students, both male and female, are engaged in sports and cultural activities, and it is a place for students to study together.

Department of Cultural Affairs

Brass Band, Photography Club, Automobile Club, Interact Club, Light Music Club, Computer Club, Go and Shogi Club, Tea Ceremony Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Space Design Research Club, Juggling Club, Railway Aeronautical Research Club, Skillful Club, Astronomy Club, Art Create Club

Physical Education Club

Athletics Club, Swimming Club, Baseball Club, Soft Tennis Club, Tennis Club, Table Tennis Club, Soccer Club, Basketball Club, Women’s Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Women’s Volleyball Club, Handball Club, Judo Club, Kendo Club, Archery Club, Mountain Club, Karate Club, Badminton Club, Rugby Football Club

Message from alumni

Yuki Matsubara (Graduated from the Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering in Reiwa 4, worked at the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)


I was originally interested in urban planning and entered the Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering. When I was a student, I had various experiences such as serving as a group leader and studying abroad in the United States. I think the appeal of technical colleges is that there are many practical training and you can learn mathematics and science widely and advanced in addition to specialized subjects. Currently, I have joined the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan as an engineer and am undergoing a one-year technical training. In the training, I learn about various fields, but I have a lot of confidence in my understanding of mathematics subjects such as statistics, and not only in surveying knowledge, but also in actually using instruments. I think that being able to play an active role in society immediately from a young age is one of the strengths of technical college graduates. In particular, Toyota National College of Technology is a popular student study abroad and student-led dormitory management, so you can cultivate a sense of independence and grow as a person throughout the five years. Please try many challenges while acquiring skills and knowledge at Toyota National College of Technology.

Michiko Inuzuka (Reiwa 4th year graduate, Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering, worked at NTT Infranet Corporation)

My student life at Toyota National College of Technology was very fulfilling. I wanted to learn specialized things from an early age, so I entered Toyota National College of Technology. However, when I actually started learning, there were many things I didn’t understand and I was sometimes worried, but thanks to the support of my friends and teachers, I was able to overcome them.
In club activities, I served as the director for two years. There, I was able to learn about the difficulty of bringing people together. Above all, the fact that I continued club activities for five years gave me confidence now.
All of my experiences at Toyota National College of Technology helped me grow. In particular, I think that the long student life of “5 years”, which is a characteristic unique to technical colleges, will give you a lot. Why don’t you have an experience that you can’t experience anywhere else at Toyota National College of Technology?