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Student Association Events

  1. Student Association Events
Events organized by the Student Association
Events mainly for students such as the Koyo Festival and Sports Festival are held.

About the Koyo Festival (Cultural Festival) in Reiwa 4th year

The Toyota National College of Technology Student Association will hold Reiwa Koyo Festival (Cultural Festival) on November 5 (Sat) and 6 (Sun), 4.
This year’s Koyo Festival is scheduled to include exhibitions of daily educational and cultural activities, stage events unique to Toyota National College of Technology, and on-stage events by entertainers while taking appropriate measures against the spread of the new coronavirus.
In addition, this year’s Koyo Festival will be open to the public, but as a measure against new coronavirus infection, we have set a limit on the number of visitors by prior registration. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you wish to visit, please register in advance from the link below.

・Reiwa 4th Koyo Festival homepage (Toyota National College of Technology Student Association) (external link)

・Koyo Festival Visitor Pre-Registration Form (Microsoft Forms) (external link)

All the students are looking forward to your visit.

Student Association Event Schedule

Welcome party for new students April
Technical College Sports Festival send-off party June
Tanabata Event July
Sports Festival October
Koyo Festival November
Christmas Party December
Inter-Club Ekiden February
Sending alumni March
Blood Donation Campaign at any time
Greeting Movement at any time

Welcome party for new students

The Welcome Party for New Students is a plan to hold various events led by the student association officers to help new students get used to the school quickly. After the event, each club activity will be introduced and solicited.

Sports Festival

Interdepartmental cheering battle!

It is a sports festival held in mid-October every year.
In the middle of autumn! Jump up and down and sweat a good run.