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General Lectures

  1. General Lectures
Student Recruitment
Information on courses for the general public

General Lectures

2023 General Lecture Scheduled

In 2023, the Toyota College of Technology Wakuwaku Square will be held due to the situation of the new coronavirus infection.
Please note that the schedule may be changed or canceled.

If you would like to take the course,
please apply from the WEB application form (common to continuous courses and one-off courses), or send the open course application form (common to continuous courses and one-off courses) or the following 1~10 by postcard, fax or email.

* Please note that we do not accept applications by phone.
* Please note that we do not accept applications in pairs.

* When sending by e-mail, please make the subject line “Toyota Kosen Wakuwaku Square Application” and do not send the subject in the blank field.
* If you do not receive a notification of the completion of your application within 3 days (excluding weekends and holidays), please contact us by phone.

* If the number of applicants is exceeded, a lottery will be held. Regarding the lottery results, the school will send a notification to the applicant.

If the student is an elementary or junior high school student, please be sure to apply with the consent of a parent or guardian.

Application details

  1. Desired course name
  2. Name of Applicant (Furigana)
  3. age
  4. gender
  5. School Name / Grade
    (〇〇 Municipal 〇〇 School 〇 years) Please fill in if you are a student
  6. Parent’s name (please fill in if the applicant is an elementary or junior high school student)
    * Entries that are indistinguishable from those who wish to take the course are conspicuous. Please be considerate of how you write.
  7. Zip code
  8. address
    When applying by mail or fax, please take care to make it easy to distinguish “1 (ichi)” and “I (eye)”.
    * Please be sure to fill in the building name and room number.
    * Please enter your address in the address field so that the notice can be mailed to the individual student.
  9. telephone number
  10. Fax or email address


Application Documents


Course name target Dates Application Deadline
(must arrive by this date)
Venue/Attendance Capacity
The World of Natsume Soseki’s Kokoro: Youth Training and Love
(Application closed)
general 9/14
Course Guide
Toyota Industrial Culture Center Capacity: 20 people


Open lectures, etc. Inquiries Application address
〒471-8525 Aichi-ken, Toyota-shi, Sakaeichō-cho 2-1
Toyota National College of Technology
General Affairs Division, General Affairs Planning Section

* For security measures, the email address is displayed as an image.