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60th Anniversary Commemorative Activities

  1. 60th Anniversary Commemorative Activities
60th Anniversary Commemorative Activities
Our school opened in Showa 38, and in Reiwa 5 years will celebrate its 60th anniversary.
Looking back on the 60th anniversary of our founding and aiming for further development
This time, we will hold the "Toyota KOSEN 60th Anniversary Commemorative Project".

Outline of the commemorative event

○ Publication of commemorative magazine

Reiwa 60th anniversary commemorative magazine will be published in the winter of 5.

○ Commemorative ceremonies and commemorative lectures

1. Commemorative Ceremony
Date & Time: Saturday, December 16, Reiwa, 13:00~13:45
Registration from 12:15 p.m.
Venue: Toyota Civic Cultural Center, Main Hall

2. Commemorative Lecture
Date & Time: Saturday, December 16, Reiwa, 14:00~15:15
Venue: Toyota Civic Cultural Center, Main Hall
Speaker: Institute for Materials and Systems for Future, Nagoya University
Director, Professor, Research Center for Integrated Future Electronics
      Dr. Hiroshi Amano 
Title: “Future Society Created by New Semiconductors”
*Participants are students, parents, invitees, alumni, donors, and applicants (elementary and junior high school students who plan to apply for our school,
Parents, school teachers), faculty and staff, and members of the press are allowed to accompany them.
*Pre-registration is required. The deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
* Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus, it may be canceled or held online.
Please check the latest information on our website.
*Those who have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, or those who are not feeling well, may be refused admission.

 60th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony and Commemorative Lecture (Flyer) 

○ Support for students, educational activities, etc.

We plan to support students and enhance the educational environment.

Commemorative Project Fundraising

In order to realize the 60th anniversary commemorative project, our school has a “Fundraising Prospectus”
We are conducting fundraising activities by.

Fundraising Prospectus (PDF)

Donation application form (Forms)

Donation application form (Word)
* Only if you cannot apply with Forms, please enter this,
Please send it as an attachment to the address of the person in charge.

Donation status and list of donors

General Affairs Planning Section, General Affairs Division
TEL. 0565-36-5902
mail soumu★toyota-ct.ac.jp
★ with @.