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School life

School Events

  1. School Events
School-sponsored events
In addition to health checkups and environmental beautification, various educational events are held.

School Event Schedule

medical examination April (all grades)
Environmental beautification work May, June, October, November, January
Safety Pledge Day June
Disaster prevention evacuation drills October (all grades)
Traffic Violator Training October (Students using automobiles, etc.)
Practical training session for the use of automobiles, etc. Around May, October (students using automobiles, etc.)
Special Lecture As needed (for each grade)
Ski Education March (2nd grade)
Study trip March (4th grade)

Environmental beautification

Near the cherry blossom trees in front of the main proofing gate

Environmental beautification is to pick up trash on the campus of our school, around surrounding stations (Aikan Meiping Station, Meiping Station), and on the way to school. From the 20th academic year, each department will share the responsibility and hold it five times a year (May, June, October, November, January).

Disaster prevention evacuation drills


Disaster prevention evacuation drills are events in which students in class experience basic evacuation methods in the event of a fire or earthquake disaster, and through the drills, evacuation routes are confirmed and physical safety is achieved.

Ski Education

Ski Education

During the spring break of the second year, we provide ski education in Shiga Kogen for three days and two nights every year.

There are various animals in Shiga Highlands. If you are lucky, you can meet an antelope. If you are unlucky, the monkeys will come to your room and play pranks. Ski education at Toyota National College of Technology is led by an academic advisor. You may see something a little different from your usual lectures.