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Toyota National College of Technology Q&A
Questions and answers about Toyota National College of Technology from junior high school students

Questions & Answers

Q1 Is Toyota National College of Technology a high school?

A technical college, or technical college, is the same institution of higher education as a university, not a high school. The English expression is “National Institute of Technology, Toyota College”. Therefore, technical college students are called “students” even though their age is the same as high school students.

Q2 Is a technical college a vocational school?

A It is not a vocational school (a vocational school that has a “specialized course”) where you learn only a specific range of skills. At the same institution of higher education as the university, students are assigned to specialized departments from the first year, but over the course of five years, they study a wide range of liberal arts subjects and systematically organized specialized subjects.

Q3 Is the qualification equivalent to that of a high school graduate recognized at the end of the third year?

A If you meet the prescribed number of credits, you will be recognized as a qualification equivalent to graduating from high school at the end of the third year. Therefore, if you change your course at the end of the third year, you can take the university entrance examination in that year.

Q4 Can I go on to university after graduating from a technical college?

A You can transfer to the third year of most national and public universities. You can take the entrance examination at multiple universities because the transfer examination dates differ depending on the university. The University of Technology in Toyohashi City and Nagaoka City is a national university established mainly for technical college graduates.

Q5 Please explain your major.

A After graduating from a technical college, you will study more advanced at a technical college for another two years. Toyota National College of Technology has three majors: Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, Construction Engineering, and Information Science. Upon completion, students will be screened by the University Reform Support and Degree Granting Organization, and will be able to obtain a bachelor’s degree (engineering), which is the same as that of a university graduate.

Q6 What is the employment situation at the time of graduation?

A Since its founding, Toyota National College of Technology has consistently received stable job offers from the industrial world, and the job openings-to-applicants ratio has reached more than 20 times. This is because the small-group education of technical colleges, especially practical education that emphasizes experiments and practical training, is recognized by industry, and the activities of graduates in the real world are highly evaluated.

Q7 How is the treatment after employment for technical college graduates and university graduates?

A Technical college graduates have a good reputation in companies, etc., and are sometimes treated as equivalent to graduates of national university engineering departments. The rest depends on your ability. In particular, you are eligible to take the National Civil Service Recruitment General Employment Examination (university graduate level examination), and if you pass and are hired, you will be treated the same as a university graduate.

Q8 Are there any club activities?

A Club activities are very active because there is no university entrance examination for the third year of technical college and there is a student dormitory. In particular, many clubs in the athletic club have won the Tokai Regional Technical College Athletic Tournament and have even participated in the National Technical College Athletic Tournament. In addition, the Cultural Affairs Department is also working hard to hold regular concerts and the Koyo Festival (cultural festival).

Q9 How much are tuition fees and dormitory expenses?

A For students enrolled in the Reiwa 5th year, the entrance fee is 84,600 yen and the tuition fee is 117,300 yen for half a year. In addition, the dormitory fee is 700 yen per month, and the dormitory fee is about 35,000 yen per month including meals.

Q10 Please tell me about the student dormitory!

A At Toyota National College of Technology, there are 8 student dormitories as educational dormitories. The capacity is about 620 students (about 140 girls), but as of April Reiwa, about 410 people are living as dormitory students due to the reconstruction work of the new dormitory. In the dormitory, students acquire basic lifestyle habits and develop independence (discipline) and social skills. In addition, you can get to know many seniors, friends, and juniors, which expands your circle of people.

Q11 How many female students are enrolled in the school?

A Toyota National College of Technology welcomes female students to enroll. In Reiwa 5 academic year, a total of 291 female students were enrolled: 28 in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, 34 in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering, 47 in the Department of Information Engineering, 72 in the Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering, 107 in the Department of Architecture, and 3 in the Major Department.

Q12 Is it allowed to transfer after enrollment?

A Only at the end of the first and second academic years, the opportunity to transfer to the next year is permitted. However, students must have enough classes in the host department and have excellent grades.

Q13 Can I study abroad while I am still in school?

A Yes. Through the exchange program of dispatched organizations such as YFU and AFS, about 40 students with excellent grades study abroad in the United States, Australia, Germany, etc. for one year in their 2nd~3rd year.

Q14 How many international students are enrolled in the school?

A Toyota National College of Technology also focuses on international exchange, and every year we accept 3~5 international students into the third year of each department. In the Reiwa 5th academic year, 2 international students from Mongolia, 3 students from Cambodia, 4 students from Malaysia, and 1 international student from Indonesia are enrolled in the university.

Q15 Please tell me about the entrance examination ratio of Toyota National College of Technology.

A Toyota National College of Technology has five departments, each with an admission capacity of 40 students, for a total of 200 students. The entrance examination ratio varies depending on the department and year, but on average it is about 2.0 times.

Q16 Please tell me about the entrance examination system of Toyota National College of Technology.

A In each department, about 30% of the capacity (40 students) is selected by recommendation, and the remaining 70% is selected based on academic ability (mark sheet method). In the academic ability selection, successful applicants are comprehensively determined based on academic performance grades in science, English, mathematics, Japanese, and social studies (five subjects) and survey documents. However, students who are within the top four students in each department with a score on the academic ability test are considered to pass regardless of the content of the questionnaire.

Q17 What is it like to transfer from high school to a technical college?

A Toyota National College of Technology has a transfer system for graduates of technical high schools and regular high schools to the fourth year. In the transfer examination held last year, two students took the exam.

Q18 Can I take the technical college for a try?

A Please feel free to take the selection by the academic ability test. However, if you are successful, you will not be able to enroll unless you submit a “Letter of Admission Commitment” so that it is delivered to Toyota National College of Technology by the specified date.