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Introduction to the Department

Department of Architecture

  1. Department of Architecture
Focusing on buildings, thinking about everything from daily life to urban development
Learn about humans, history, and the laws of physics, and acquire the ability to organize your own thoughts

Outline of the Department of Architecture

The Roman architect Vitruvis, who was active in the 1st century BC, stated in his architectural book that “architecture is a comprehensive art that combines strength, use, and beauty.” Even today, architecture is within the category of engineering, but because it is a discipline that creates vessels that directly support human life, it can be said that it is an extremely unique discipline in that it has a particularly deep relationship with humans and requires a high level of artistic sense. Considering that the progress of industrialization has spread to all fields and human life is becoming dull, I believe that how to enrich human life and make its activities fruitful will be a major and important issue in architecture in the future.

The Department of Architecture has organized a curriculum based on this concept. Starting with the general course, we supplement the knowledge of the humanities and social sciences that are particularly related to architecture based on the foundation, and then deepen the understanding of the general basics of engineering and specialized fields necessary for the technical aspects of architecture, and further advance to deepen the understanding of various fields of specialization using various experimental facilities, state-of-the-art CAD systems, visual equipment, etc. In the final year, we provide seminars and graduation research for each student so that they can consolidate the knowledge of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and the knowledge of architecture that they have cultivated so far into a single form.

It suits people like this

  • People who like to look at buildings and maps
  • People who like to see and create pictures and works
  • People who like math and science classes
  • Those who like technology, home economics and art classes
  • People who want to work to support people and the city
  • People who want to work building

What you’ll learn

1st grade Information Foundations, Architectural Design and Drafting I, Architectural CAD, Building Construction Methods/Wooden Structures
2nd grade Architectural CADII., Architectural Design and Drafting II., Space Design, Building Structural Mechanics I, Building Construction Method, Wood Structure
3rd grade Applied Physics, Fundamentals of Applied Physics, Technical Expression, Architectural Design and Drafting III, Architectural Planning I, Architectural Planning II, Japan Architectural History, Building Structural Mechanics II, Building Materials I, Building Materials II, Architectural Environmental Engineering I, Architectural Environmental Engineering II
4th grade Statistics, Analysis, Architectural Design and Drafting IV, Architectural Planning III, Urban Planning, History of Western Architecture, Structural Mechanics III, Building Structural Mechanics IV, Reinforced Concrete Structure I, Steel Structure I, Building Material Experiment, Architectural Environment Experiment, Building Structure Experiment, Architectural Environmental Engineering III, Building Equipment I, Architectural Seminar, Field Trip Practice
5th grade Building Production, Architectural Design and Drafting V., Building Regulations, History of Modern Architecture, Foundation Structure, Reinforced Concrete Structure II, Steel Structure II, Building Vibration Studies, Architectural Disaster Prevention Engineering, Building Equipment II, Graduation Research

Qualifications that can be obtained

  • First-class architect, second-class architect
  • 1st class building construction management engineer, 2nd class building construction management engineer
  • 1st class plumbing construction management engineer, 2nd class plumbing construction management engineer

Where to find employment and go to school

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