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For Internship Staff

  1. For Internship Staff
Information on field trip training (internship)
Our students comprehensively acquire on-site skills as well as specialized knowledge at companies or public institutions.

About field trip training (internship)

Off-campus practical training (internships) are mainly conducted by students in the fourth year of the main course and the first year of the specialized course to comprehensively acquire specialized knowledge as well as on-site skills at companies or public institutions, and at that time, credits are acquired as part of the specialized course based on the announcement of the practical training diary and the practical training report meeting with reference to the evaluation of the practical training instructor.

For the recognition of practical training credits, 1 credit is recognized for a practical training period of 5 days or more (8 hours per day) for regular course students, and we recommend that students take an off-campus practical training period of 10 days or more (2 credits). In addition, for specialized students, 2 credits (practical training period of 10 days or more) and 4 credits (practical training period of 20 days or more) are certified.

For inquiries regarding internships, please contact the following department or the faculty member in charge of this department or department.

Academic Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division
Phone 0565-36-5914
E-mail address kyoumu☆toyota-ct.ac.jp

Reiwa 5 Teachers in charge of field trip training (internship)

regular course

course of study Instructor TEL E-mail address
Department of Mechanical Engineering Yukinori Sago 5841 sago
Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering Shinichi Mitsumoto 5850 mitumoto
Department of Computer Science Masaki Murata 5863 murata
Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering Takuya Ohata 5874 ohata
Department of Architecture Hiroko Maeda 5888 hiroko

* TEL. (telephone number) is 0565-36-《The above number》.
The email address is “above username” @toyota-ct.ac.jp.


major Instructor TEL E-mail address
Department of Electromechanical Engineering
(In charge of mechanical engineering)
Akihiro Kaneshige 5833 kanesige
Department of Electromechanical Engineering
(In charge of electrical and electronic system engineering)
Takehiko Tsukamoto 5853 tsuka
Department of Construction Engineering
(In charge of environmental and urban engineering)
Takayuki Tanaka 5881 tanaka-c
Department of Construction Engineering
Futoshi Shirata 5891 hakuta_f
Department of Information Science Teppei Miura 5862 miura_t

* TEL. (telephone number) is 0565-36-《The above number》.
The email address is “above username” @toyota-ct.ac.jp.

Download the Acceptance Guidelines Form

* In addition to the form prescribed by our school, you may send us the implementation guidelines of your company, etc.

Resume and pledge download

* If your company does not have a prescribed entry sheet and you can use any format, we will submit the following school form.