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Dormitories, etc.

  1. Dormitories, etc.
Dormitories, etc.
We would like to inform you about the dormitory.

About the opening of the dormitory in September Reiwa 5

We would like to inform you about the opening of the dormitory in September of the Reiwa 5th year.

 ・Dormitory opening in September Reiwa 5

If you are a dormitory supervisor, please also check the following materials.

 ・ Dormitory guidance student luggage delivery day school guide map

Application for Reiwa 5th year dormitory

Download Reiwa 5th year dormitory application (PDF file)

Schedule of the Dormitory Plan for the Reiwa 5th Academic Year

We would like to inform you about the implementation schedule of the Reiwa 5th Academic Dormitory Plan.

Account transfer of school lunch expenses for the 5th Reiwa academic year

We would like to inform you about the direct transfer of dormitory lunch expenses for the Reiwa 5th academic year.

Menu of the dormitory cafeteria

The menu of school dormitory lunches for July and August of the 5th year of Reiwa was posted.

Dormitory Event Schedule

March Luggage carry-in for dormitory guidance students, luggage delivery for general dormitory students, training session for dormitory guidance students
  New students (dormitory students) carry in luggage
April New Student (Dormitory Student) Luggage Carry-in and Entrance Ceremony
  General Assembly of Dormitory Students (20:15~)
May Dormitory Festival
August Closed dormitory
  Luggage unloading
September Dormitory Guidance Student Training Session
  Dormitory opening (9: 00 ~) room change (* Not depending on the situation of Corona) )
October Dormitory Tour (Open Campus)
December General Assembly of Dormitory Students (20:15~)
  Closed dormitory
January Dormitory Opening(9:00~)
February Closed dormitory
  Luggage unloading
March graduation ceremony

About dormitory events

We will introduce the dormitory events in a photo album.

About the Dormitory Festival

Introducing the dormitory festival.



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