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Club activities

  1. Club activities
A place for students to learn from each other

Club (club and club) activities

There are clubs (clubs and clubs) related to the physical education club and the cultural club, and it is a place for students to study together. As a place to announce club activities, the Tokai Regional Technical College Athletic Tournament held by the five technical colleges in the Tokai region will be held in late June ~ mid-July for the physical education club, and the National Technical College Athletic Conference held by regional representatives of technical colleges nationwide will be held in late August. Even in the cultural club, there are many competitions such as the Aichi Brass Band Competition, Go and Shogi Tournaments, and various contests. In addition, club competition ekiden is held in winter for the purpose of promoting mutual exchange between clubs at our school.

Sports competitions, robot contests, programming contests, design competitions, etc. are held among technical colleges nationwide, and many students are active in Toyota National College of Technology every year. In particular, at the Tokai Regional National College of Technology Athletic Festival, the National College of Technology Athletic Festival, and various other competitions, we have achieved brilliant results in many sports events, and extracurricular activities centered on the student association have achieved great results.

Department of Cultural Affairs

Brass Band, Photography Club, Automobile Club, Interact Club, Light Music Club, Computer Club, Go and Shogi Club, Tea Ceremony Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Space Design Research Club, Juggling Club, Railway Aeronautical Research Club, Skillful Club, Astronomy Club, Art Create Club

Physical Education Club

Athletics Club, Swimming Club, Baseball Club, Soft Tennis Club, Tennis Club, Table Tennis Club, Soccer Club, Basketball Club, Women’s Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Women’s Volleyball Club, Handball Club, Judo Club, Kendo Club, Archery Club, Mountain Club, Karate Club, Badminton Club, Rugby Football Club, Orienteering Club

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