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Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

  1. Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
Exchange of Research and Technology
Utilize research results obtained in daily research activities

Information on Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration System

While our faculty members play an important role in “education” for students, they also conduct “research” for academic improvement, and utilize the research results obtained in daily research activities to provide consultation on joint research with companies and technical problems. We have established the following systems for companies, etc., so please make use of them.

Research Cooperation System

If you need advice on technical issues, please use “Technical Consultation”. Depending on the content of the consultation, we may be able to respond to your request through “joint research”. In addition, when conducting joint research, etc., there are circumstances (educational activities such as classes) of our faculty members, so please consult with the relevant faculty members.

Collaborative Research We will conduct research (common issues) on an equal footing with Toyota National College of Technology, and report the results of our research to each other. Implementation rules Application form contract
Contract Research Commissioning a project to Toyota National College of Technology and receiving a report on the research results. Implementation rules application form contract
Commissioned testing Request a test from Toyota National College of Technology and receive a report of the test results (data). Handling rules application form  
Technical Consultation Receive advice on technical problems and questions that arise in the field.   application form  

Reference: Comparison of various systems

  Collaborative Research Contract Research Commissioned testing Scholarship Donations
purpose Studying common issues on an equal footing Commissioned research Request an exam Donation
Conclusion of contracts possession possession nothing nothing
Term of the contract Multi-year contracts available Multi-year contracts available
Division of research Yes / No
Reporting Achievements possession possession possession
Attribution of Patents Joint (by contribution) Institute of Technology in principle National College of Technology
Indirect expenses possession possession nothing possession
Expense expiration date Within the contract period Within the contract period No expiration date
Procedures until payment Application → permission→ conclusion of contract Application → permission→ conclusion of contract Application → permission Decision → application
Main Partners enterprise Government enterprise Corporations, foundations, individuals, etc.

* Technical consultation is by application only, and no contract procedure is required.

About indirect expenses

Indirect costs for joint research, commissioned research, and donations may vary.
For details, please refer to the National College of Technology Organization Indirect Expense Handling Regulations.

Intellectual Property Rights

Please refer to the National Institute of Technology Intellectual Property Policy.

Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration System Inquiries
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