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Ideal Engineer

  1. Ideal Engineer
Educational Objectives and Three Policies
Educational Objectives and policies of engineers at Toyota Kosen

Educational Objectives

The college introduces an education program. Our educational objectives are to train and educate young students to become qualified engineers who have the following five ideals.

【1】Manufacturing abilities
 They are well aware of the needs of changing societies and are capable of taking multi-faceted approaches for the development of technological systems.

【2】Educational foundation
 They have substantial experience of experiments and practical training, along with understanding of fundamental theories.

【3】Problem-solving abilities
 They have critical thinking ability, creative energy, and executive ability through autonomous learning.

【4】Communicative competence
 They have good communication skills in the global world of technology; skills of accurate description based on scientific analysis and logic, skills of clear oral presentations and discussions.

【5】Engineering ethics
 They take responsibility and pride as engineers when considering complex interrelationships between technological developments and social developments in the world in terms of engineering ethics.

Specific Targets

 Three Policies

Policies for the Regular Course

Policies for the Advanced Course


An image of independent engineers to be trained

The school’s major course consists of five JABEE certified engineer education programs over a four-year period including the fourth and fifth years of the main course, and all students are registered as students of the doctoral program of each program.
Each program aims to develop “practical and creative engineers with high problem-setting and problem-solving skills.” In light of this, each program has its own “Learning and Educational Achievement Goals”.