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Purpose of Establishment

With the remarkable progress of Japanese industry in the Showa 30s, there was an urgent need to train competent industrial engineers. In response to this, the “Act to Partially Revise the School Education Law (Act No. 144 of Showa 36)” was promulgated and enforced, and from Showa 37, the National College of Technology was established as a higher education institution with a new concept. The special feature of this technical college is that it accepts young people who have graduated from junior high school, and provides general and specialized education through a consistent curriculum over the next five years. Emphasis is placed on the learning of practical techniques, and the aim is to train engineers who have the ability to put engineering theories to practical use.

In addition, due to the revision of the law in Heisei 3, it became possible to establish a two-year major course. This made it possible to train engineers who have acquired creative and advanced technological development skills.

Our school was founded in April of Showa 38 in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, which continues to develop dramatically mainly in the automobile industry in the Chubu Economic Zone. In April 6, a major course was established.

In addition, due to the revision of the law, it was newly started as a school established by the National College of Technology Organization from April 16.