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Leading a fulfilling student life
Supports students' physical and mental health and good student life

Notice from the Infirmary (updated on July 27)

Hokenda News was issued.

Hokenda News (No.2)

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Hokenda News (No.1)

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The August and September Counselor News has been issued.

Counselor’s News (August/September)

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Counselor’s News (April) Counselor’s News (May) Counselor’s News (June) Counselor’s News (July)

Counselor’s News (April) Counselor’s News (May) Counselor’s News (June) Counselor’s News (July) Counselor’s News (August/September )
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Counselor’s News (March)

Counselor’s News (May) Counselor’s News (June) Counselor’s News (July) Counselor’s News (August) Counselor’s News ( September)
Counselor’s News (December) Counselor’s News (February/March)


We have published a self-catering guidebook for technical college students, “Kosen Meshi”.

Self-catering guidebook for technical college students “Kosen Meshi”


Student Counseling Information

I believe that students may encounter mental problems and personal problems related to life and learning that they cannot solve on their own while they are in school. The Student Support Office has been established to assist in solving such problems.
If you have any concerns or concerns, do not force yourself to solve them on your own, but visit the Student Support Office as soon as possible.
The contents of the consultation will be strictly confidential, so please feel free to come to the consultation.
Please click here for information on how to use the Student Support Office and the consultation schedule.
At the KOSEN Health Consultation Office, professional counselors are available by phone or online. Click here for details


Phone 0565-36-5844
E-mail address soudan☆toyota-ct.ac.jp
Please replace the ☆ part with @ and send.


Support for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities (hereinafter referred to as “students with disabilities”) In order to ensure that support for students with disabilities is carried out smoothly and appropriately, we will enhance support so that students with disabilities can obtain an equal and equitable learning environment while coordinating among related departments as a consultation desk for students with disabilities.
In accordance with the “Act on Promotion of Elimination of Discrimination on the Grounds of Disability”, the school provides reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities in consultation with them or their guardians in order to provide them with equal opportunities to receive education and student life with other students.
If you wish to provide accommodation, please consult with the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division.


Academic Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division
Please replace the ☆ part with @ and send.


Disaster mutual aid benefit system of the Japan Sports Promotion Center

Outline of the system

The Japan Sports Promotion Center provides medical expenses and other benefits for injuries that occur at school. The cost of this benefit is borne by the three parties: the government, the school owner, and the parent (after confirming consent). This system is called the Disaster Mutual Aid Benefit System.
At our school, all students are enrolled at the time of admission.
* If the total medical expenses from the first visit to healing (10% of the medical insurance) are 5,000 yen or more (1,500 yen or more for 30% of the burden), you will be eligible for benefits.


Outline of the system (Japan Sports Promotion Center website)

1. Scope of benefits 2. About billing and benefits


How to apply


Various forms 1 sheet/month submission (Submission to: Infirmary)

When requesting benefits for the first time: Please submit the “Initial Application Package” and applicable documents.

          Initial Application Documents (No.1 Japan Sports Promotion Center Disaster Report + No.2 Medical Conditions, etc. (for Medical Institutions) [Appendix 3 (1)] + No.6 Dispensing Fee Statement [Appendix 3 (7)])

When requesting benefits for the second or subsequent time: Please submit the relevant documents using the following form. For other disaster claims, please consult the infirmary. Also, if you have a free month for the consultation, please report it to the infirmary.

No. Form name author
(Certification Authority)
1 Japan Sports Promotion Center Disaster Report (only at the time of initial request) Student or guardian Please fill in the required items and obtain the signature (upper right column of the form) of a faculty member (department head, supervisor, physical education teacher, etc.) who understands the occurrence of the disaster.
2 Status of Medical Care (for Medical Institutions) [Appendix 3 (1)] Hospitals and clinics When you visit a medical institution (hospital, clinic or dental clinic) and receive medical treatment under medical insurance
3 Medical Situation (for Judo Therapists) [Appendix 3 (3)] Judo Therapist
(Bone clinic, etc.)
When you have received treatment from a judo therapist (bone clinic, etc.)
4 Situation of medical care, etc. (for acupuncturists and acupuncturists) [Appendix 3 (4)] Acupuncturist, Acupuncturist When receiving the treatment of an acupuncturist or a master as health care
(Please attach a copy of the doctor’s consent form.) )
5 Specification of therapeutic braces and live blood [Appendix 3 (6)] Hospitals and clinics If you purchase and wear braces during treatment, or if you purchase blood for blood transfusion
(Please attach two types of documents: (1) Receipt for braces, and (2) Written opinion and certificate of installation of orthotics.) )
6 Dispensing Remuneration Statement [Appendix 3 (7)] Insurance Pharmacies If you get a prescription from a doctor and purchase medicine from an insurance pharmacy
7 Notification of high-cost medical treatment status guardian When there is a claim amount of 7,000 points (70,000 yen) or more for medical care per unit