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Professor Emeritus Conferment Ceremony

  1. Professor Emeritus Conferment Ceremony

On Tuesday, May 23, Reiwa, the honorary professor award ceremony was held in the principal’s office.
In accordance with the School Education Act, we have conferred the title of Professor Emeritus of Toyota National College of Technology on two people, Mr. Katsuya Imaoka and Mr. Masahiro Mishima, as those who have made particularly outstanding educational achievements in education for many years.
Principal Yamada presented each of them with a letter of resignation, and expressed his gratitude for his many years of contribution to the school, as well as his request for continued guidance to the students.
After receiving a few words from the two newly appointed professors, we took a commemorative photo with the attendees in front of the fountain.

【Front row, from left: Student Director Takatsu, New Professor Emeritus Masahiro Mishima, Principal Yamada, New Professor Emeritus Katsuya Imaoka, Academic Affairs Supervisor Kawanishi, Back row, from left: General Affairs Division Manager Murai, General Affairs Manager Shimizu, Dormitory Director Kanesaka, Asami Administrative Director]