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Participated in the Automotive Club Eco-Run Tournament

  1. Participated in the Automotive Club Eco-Run Tournament

On Saturday, June 9, our school’s automotive club participated in the “Honda Eco-Mileage Challenge 2018 32nd Suzuka Tournament” held at the Suzuka Circuit. In this competition, the fuel economy of 1 liter of gasoline is a competition to see how many kilometers you can run, and you have to do 8 laps of a 2.2km course within the time limit, and calculate the fuel consumption from the amount of gasoline consumed. This year, Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd. donated a new body, made a new engine, and manufactured it from scratch for the competition.
Despite the rainy season, we were blessed with good weather on the day, and we passed the vehicle inspection and brake test held early in the morning without any problems.
The practice run held in the morning was watched over by Vice Chairman Kojima of Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd. and Principal Tagawa, and the team ran without any problems. After that, we received encouragement from Vice President Kojima and started the actual event in the afternoon.
In the actual race, there was an accident where I came into contact with another car on the S-shaped curve on the first lap immediately after the start, but it was not important, and after that, I ran smoothly and completed laps without any problems. In Group III (university, junior college, technical college, vocational school class), 14 of the 22 teams completed the race, and the fuel consumption was 199.06 km / L, which was 199.06 km / L, breaking the record set two years ago and finishing ninth.
With about 60% of the teams completing the race, we are proud that we were able to finish the race safely, and we would like to improve our vehicles and driving skills for next year’s race.