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10 students participated in TJ-SSF2023 (Japan-Thailand High School Science Fair)!

  1. 10 students participated in TJ-SSF2023 (Japan-Thailand High School Science Fair)!

Reiwa 10 students participated in the TJ-SSF2023 (Japan-Thailand High School Science Fair) held at Priscenceturaporn Science High School (PCSHS) in Loei, Thailand from December 19 to 23. Students from 12 PCSHS schools in Thailand, technical colleges in Japan, and Super Science Schools (SSH) gather to present their research results and deepen mutual cultural exchange.
Toyota National College of Technology has partnered with PCSHS Chiang Rai and has participated in this event four times (including online). Chiang Rai School is a school with other connections such as international exchange video contests. Following on from the 2020 event, the research of Kaorin Ishii and Yuna Goto, a pair of second-year students in the Department of Architecture, was selected as the presenter representing Japan at the opening ceremony and presented in front of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand.

◎ Details of the TJ project can be found on the following site.
TJ-SSF2023 (Japan-Thailand High School Science Fair 2023)

Here are some of the members who participated this time and their comments.

Why don’t you give it a try next year?

【From Yuna Goto, 2nd year Department of Architecture】

Do you know what TJ-SSF2023 is? To put it simply, it is a science festival where representative students from science schools in Thailand and Japan gather to stimulate each other and build new connections through research presentations, cultural exchanges, fieldwork, etc.
There are two reasons why I decided to join TJ-SSF. The first reason is that I became interested in seeing the seniors who participated in TJ-SIF last year. I thought that this activity, in which we set our own issues and worked on them, would be a great experience for me in the future. The second reason was that I wanted to experience international exchange locally. You can interact with people who speak different languages in Japan. However, I believe that there is a big difference between international exchange in Japan and going there for international exchange. Since Japan is home, it is easy to escape if there is a difficulty, and there are many people around Japan, so I think the sense of security in the mind is different. In contrast, there is always anxiety because we are away from home, and I think there will be difficulties in terms of communication because the language is different. However, I thought that by putting myself in the latter position, I would be able to experience things that I could not experience in Japan, and I would be able to grow a little more.
On a different note, the main focus of TJ-SSF is research presentations. What can we do as high school students when it comes to research? Therefore, we conducted research and experiments under the guidance of a professor who majored in our research. The total preparation period was about 8 months. It was very difficult to do research and summarize it in writing while balancing assignments and studies. When I actually went to Thailand to give a presentation, it was an opportunity to show everyone what I had achieved so far, but I felt overwhelmed with anxiety and nervousness. But there was a little bit of pride in it. I was also honored to be selected as the representative of the Japan school to give a presentation in front of a Thai princess. This experience was so precious that I thought I would never experience it again in my life.
The last eight months have been very dense. There have been just as many fun and just as many difficulties, but what I can say for sure is that I have grown a notch or two in the last 8 months.
I did my first full-fledged research at TJ-SSF, and “researching and writing a thesis” itself was a very good experience that I could use for my graduation research in my fifth year three years later. In addition, I think that the “editing skills and design skills” such as video clips and posters are also experiences that can be used in the future in “presenting my own work”, which is necessary for the Department of Architecture.
If you are a high school student who is interested in TJ-SSF after reading my comments, please do not be afraid to give it a try. I confidently declare that it will be a very good experience that will help you grow.

【From Yuki Tsuge, 2nd year Department of Information Engineering

I was able to learn a lot through this TJ-SSF2023.
I was able to gain experience that I will definitely use when I go out into the world in the future, such as how to communicate in English with people from other countries with different cultures, and how to make presentations through poster presentations and oral presentations.
I would like to continue to do my best with the experience I have gained through this overseas dispatch and the many new friends I have made.

Participating Students and Presentation Titles

◎ For the announcement, please see the official TJ-SSF2023 YouTube.