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The 5th International Exchange Video Contest ~ Thinking in pairs, expressing ideas for the realization of the SDGs in a video!

  1. The 5th International Exchange Video Contest ~ Thinking in pairs, expressing ideas for the realization of the SDGs in a video!

~The 5th International Exchange Video Contest~Thinking in pairs, expressing ideas for the realization of the SDGs in a video! ~

The International Exchange Video Contest started in 2020, and so far there have been a total of 172 participants, including overseas students! On Monday, December 4th, we held an online award ceremony for the 5th contest by connecting online with PCSHS (Princess Chulaporn Science High School) Chiang Rai School in Thailand.

【Toyota National College of Technology Award Winners】

【Thai Prize Winners and Teachers (upper left of the screen)】

Students from overseas and Japan were paired up one by one and deepened their understanding of partnerships and SDGs by creating four videos, including practice. This year’s theme is “What industry or sector would you like to work with to realize your idea for SDGs?” (What kind of industries and fields do you want to collaborate with to realize the SDGs?), and we evaluated them from five perspectives: Speaking, Fact, Opinion, Teamwork, and Visual Aids. In particular, Opinion, which indicates new ideas, and Teamwork, which indicates interaction in pairs, are set as high items.

The comments of the winners of the 5th contest will be introduced along with the URL of the created video. Please take a look!

〇The 5th International Video Contest Best Pair

Hana Mizutani, Department of Architecture, 1st year & Chawanwit Intem (Thailand)

Watch the video of creating the best pair here.
~The new ideas that the pair came up with are novel, and the interaction is wonderful~

Comment from Ms. Mizutani

Throughout the process of making videos, there were times when it was fun as well as challenging. I learned a lot during that time, and I was able to deepen my bond with my partner, which was an important experience for me. The reason why I was able to make it to the end and the reason why I was able to achieve this result was because of my partner. I would like to express my sincere gratitude. And I would like to connect this experience to the future.

[Mr. Mizutani praises the award to the pair on the other side of the screen]

〇2nd place pair

Fuka Sano, Department of Computer Engineering, 1st year, & Kobsakul Boonraksa (Thailand)

Watch the video of the creation of the second place pair here.
~The interaction between the two is impressive~

Comment from Mr. Sano

I participated in this contest because I thought it would be interesting to talk to people overseas, but I think it is a very good experience for me. It was very good that I was able to have fun with the children I was paired with, and I feel that my motivation to study English has increased more than before.

[Mr. Sano answering the interview]

〇3rd place pair

Michihiro Matsuno, 1st year, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Warapronkul Noimanee (Thailand)

Watch the video of the creation of the third place pair here.
~Preliminary research and discussion between the two are wonderful~

Comment from Mr. Matsuno

It was very difficult to talk and make videos in English, which is not our native language. At first, I felt like I couldn’t do anything about what I wanted to say or what the other person wanted to convey, but little by little I was able to do it. I would like to make use of this experience in my future studies to improve my English skills.
Thank you, Warapronkul Noimanee, for making the video with us!

[Mr. Matsuno receiving an award from the principal]

〇Special Prize

Ryo Takezawa, 3rd year, Department of Computer Science & Technology, Pongpanot Koyai (Thailand)

Watch the video of the creation of the special prize pair here.
~It is a work that makes good use of data and English speaking shines~

Comment from Mr. Takezawa

This is my second time participating in the competition, and I am very happy to have received the award this time as well. First of all, I would like to thank my partners and the people who organized this contest. I think it was a great opportunity for me to realize my own growth compared to the last time, but also to discover a lot of things that I am lacking. Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

[Mr. Takezawa answering the interview]

In addition, we received efforts from various fields such as our school alumni association, the Japan Research Institute, and the WTOC (“Around the World from the Classroom!” project) for the judging. Thank you very much.