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【For those who wish to enroll from afar】 About the Independence Support Admission Support Fund

  1. 【For those who wish to enroll from afar】 About the Independence Support Admission Support Fund

From the students who take the exam in the 6th year of Reiwa, the “Independence Support Support Admission Support Fund System” will begin, which will provide an amount equivalent to the admission fee in order to support new students who aspire to become independent.
Funded by donations from G.O.P. Co., Ltd., the Independence Support Admission Support Grant is a system that provides support by providing an amount equivalent to the entrance fee so that students who have a strong will and are far away from their hometowns and parents, and who have dreams and expectations to gain new knowledge in an unfamiliar land through their life at a technical college, do not give up on attending Toyota National College of Technology for economic reasons.

If you wish, please check the application qualifications and details in the “Application Guidelines for Independence Support Admission Support Fund” and apply within the period.

Outline of Application

(1) Those who will take the entrance selection examination to be held in the 5th year of Reiwa
(2) Those who have graduated from a junior high school or an equivalent educational institution in the previous year or two years before the year of enrollment.
(3) Those who wish to move into the dormitory (not a promise to enter the dormitory)
(4) A person who satisfies one or more of the following conditions:
(a) From school to home or relative’s house in Japan (hereinafter referred to as “home”) Those whose most reasonable route to the site takes more than 3 hours by public transportation.
(b) Those who need to use the Shinkansen or airplane as the most reasonable route from school to home (in the case of the Shinkansen, it is necessary to ride a continuous section of 100 kilometers or more). )
(c) A person whose guardian lives overseas and who has no relatives other than the guardian in Japan.
(d) Other persons recognized by the principal as conforming to (a) to (c)

Benefit amount: 84,600 yen

Number of beneficiaries: 3

Application Period
 Applicants for recommendation selection by Tuesday,
December 26,
5th year of Reiwa
Applicants for the Scholastic Ability Test Selection by Wednesday, January 31, Reiwa 6

* Those who have passed the entrance examination as a result of the recommendation selection and have not been offered a job and wish to be selected for the academic ability test will be re-selected based on the results of the academic ability test. In this case, you do not need to apply again.

How to
 Please apply using the form described in the “Application Guidelines for Independence Support Admission Support Fund”.
* You cannot apply unless your examination number is issued.
* Applicant’s essay (400 characters or more) is required in the application.

Contact Information

Student Support Section, Student Affairs Division
★ to @ and send an email.