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Active in the National College of Technology Programming Contest!

  1. Active in the National College of Technology Programming Contest!

The 29th National College of Technology Programming Contest was held on October 27th and 28th at Asti Tokushima (Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture). The theme of this year’s conference is “The future of IT is not here!” “Don’t be” means “there is” in the Tokushima dialect, and we will report the results of the results of daily practice.

Competition Divisions

In the competition category, we advanced to the final tournament (last 8). This year’s competition was a team game in which people called “Touring Square” were used as pawns. The students at the command tower, who repeated a series of actions such as reading the enemy’s movements, inputting information into the AI, and transmitting instructions from the AI to allies in a short time of 20 seconds per turn, were like shogi players who performed “shogi fast-to-go”. They couldn’t even use their voices to give instructions to the pieces, and during the game, humans and AI used their brains to spin their brains to control each other’s positions.
After passing the preliminary round, our school was able to defeat Gifu National College of Technology and Hanoi National University to reach the final 8.

Freedom and Task Division

In the Free and Challenge Division, out of the four teams that applied for the preliminary round, two teams advanced to the main round, one team received a special award equivalent to third place in Japan, and the other team also received a corporate award. The theme of the Subject Division is “Regional Revitalization through the Utilization of ICT.”
“Local Connect,” which received a special award, was evaluated for its achievements in implementing a high-performance circulation board for the elderly in cooperation with Tenpaku Ward Office staff and having actual residents use it. As a team, we were not just programmers, but we were able to win the award because of our good balance.
“Food Connector”, which won a corporate award, is a smartphone app that allows you to register food using AI on your smartphone to control food loss, and to share what you have bought too much with local people. The highlight was very good like a student, and the setting was highly evaluated and led to the company award.