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Finished 3rd in RoboCup Japan Open 2018 Soccer Small League!

  1. Finished 3rd in RoboCup Japan Open 2018 Soccer Small League!

At the “RoboCup Japan Open 2018” held on May 3~5 at Ogaki City General Gymnasium, our school’s KIKS team won “3rd place” in the soccer small league.

This year, all eight participating teams were divided into two groups of four teams, and a preliminary league was held in each group. From this tournament, the field size has doubled from 12m ×9m, and the number of robots has increased from 6 to 8, so it was difficult to practice with actual equipment at school, and the continuous play was almost a bump.

I had a bad feeling, and the first match was completely bad and the robot didn’t work properly. Nevertheless, as a result of adjusting and correcting the system every day, we managed to pass the qualifying round in 3rd place in Group B. They won the match against the second-place Matsue National College of Technology Team in Group A 2-1 to advance to the final tournament, and lost 0-6 to the Aichi Prefectural University team, the champion of Group B, who finished first in Group B. We beat the Chubu University alumni team 1-0 in the third-place match.

In this year’s competition, the strategy software that was renewed last year was not sufficiently built, and there was a lack of time and members to respond to the increase in field size, the number of robots, and additional rules. We have a lot of work to do ahead of the World Championship in Montreal from 16 June, and we have limited time before the tournament, but we will do our best to play a match that will not be embarrassing.