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Collaboration with local adults! ”When and where stool” exhibition for that person

  1. Collaboration with local adults! ”When and where stool” exhibition for that person

Every year, second-year students in the Department of Architecture make stools that take advantage of the characteristics of cardboard in their “Spatial Design” class. For the past few years, we have been making “anytime, anywhere” stools, which are portable and can be assembled without using adhesives, and if you assemble them “anytime” or “anytime”, it will be where you belong.
This year, 11 adults who are involved in various activities in the community came to the first class, and 3-4 students per adult talked about various topics such as work, hobbies, family, and life choices.
In the second and subsequent classes, we worked on making a stool for each person based on their stories, and held a presentation at the final session on June 11, and adults who cooperated with us also participated.
After the presentations, there was time for the adults and students to chat. While it was a design class, I was able to experience various ways of living this time, and I think it was also a career class.

From June 14 (Friday) to July 11 (Thursday), some of them will be exhibited in the lobby of the “Toyota Civic Activity Center” on the 9th floor of T-FACE Building A in front of Toyota City Station. The works will be replaced on June 28 during the exhibition.

【Students and local people chatting with each other】

[Stools with students and local residents]
【Students listening to stories from local residents】

[Works to be exhibited and students]
[Works to be exhibited]