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Start-up business Inertial motion capture experience & discussion held

  1. Start-up business Inertial motion capture experience & discussion held

In order to support students’ independent activities toward startups, we held an inertial motion capture experience and discussion on the second floor of our school’s creative workshop building on Monday, January 22, Reiwa 6.
This event was supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Startup Education Environment Improvement Project, and was attended by students, international students, and faculty members of our school.
We invited Mr. Akito Sakamoto, CEO of Four Assist Co., Ltd., to hold an “Inertial Motion Capture Experience & Discussion”. He explained the equipment and the participants put it on.
In the discussion, the students gave their opinions on the differences between the inertial type and the optical type in actual use situations, and the discussion proceeded while exchanging opinions on the appropriate method of use and the calculation processing method using the inertial sensor and software. At the end of the meeting, Associate Professor Takahide Kato, the coordinator of this project, said, “We will be able to use it on campus from now on, so I hope that students will use it in various ways.”

Associate Professor Kato (left) and Lecturer Sakamoto

Hands-on experience

Scene from the venue

Students speaking out