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International exchange with KOSEN KMUTT

  1. International exchange with KOSEN KMUTT

Exchange with KOSEN KMUTT (Thai National College of Technology), Monday, October 31

Eighteen students and six faculty members from KOSEN KMUTT visited Toyota National College of Technology as part of their school trip. About 20 volunteer students from our school planned an exchange event where they enjoyed calligraphy and dressing in yukata robes. In addition, students (second-year students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering) guided them through practical training at the Manufacturing Center, experiments in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems, and observation of mathematics classes. The campus tour ended with a welcome concert by the brass band and saw off the Thai National College of Technology. The group was scheduled to head to Osaka the next day to see Itami Airport JAL Hangar and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, as well as Kaiyukan and USJ.


It happened to be Halloween on the day, so there were students enjoying cosplay at our school and preparing for the Koyo Festival (school festival), so there was a festive mood in the air.



There are very few opportunities to use English in Japan when learning English. I hope that you will participate in the activities offered by the International Exchange Center, such as this exchange with Thai technical college students. Students who interacted with each other, such as “It was nice to meet the child I was talking to in the online exchange beforehand,” “I was enthusiastic about teaching calligraphy,” and “We exchanged lines and spoke in English,” all said in unison, “It was fun!!” For Thai technical college students, the interaction with the Japan students must have been a memorable souvenir.

〇 This is a comment from the student representative of this exchange meeting, Mr. Shuntaro Nozaki (3rd year student in the Department of Information Engineering).

【Ms. Nozaki giving a welcome speech in English and Thai】
For the first time in several years, I was able to participate in a face-to-face international exchange event at the school. Despite the limited time of half a day, I think we were able to spend a rich time with each other. This time, we are running an exchange project mainly for the lower grades, and many novel new ideas have come up. As a result, I was able to create memories that will remain strongly in the memories of calligraphy fans and kimono / uniform cosplay and the people of technical colleges in Thailand. I was also impressed by the participants who tried to convey their feelings beyond words. I would like to continue to participate in events like this so that more people can get involved.