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Donations to our school

About Donations

  1. About Donations
About Donations
Utilization for the enhancement and development of education and the development of academic research

Information about donations

Our school asks companies and individuals to donate for the enhancement and development of education and the development of academic research.
In the future, we would like to aim for further enhancement and development of education and research, so we will focus on our school’s education and research activities.
We look forward to your continued support.

Purpose of Acceptance

Our school accepts donations for the purpose of using them for the following expenses.
・Expenses for the purpose of enhancing and developing education
・Expenses required for the implementation of academic research
・Student funds loaned or provided to students
・Purchase of books, etc. for use by students
・Expenses for the purpose of supporting management and operation
・Other expenses deemed necessary by the principal

When accepting donations, those that meet the following conditions cannot be accepted.
・Transferring property acquired through donations to donors free of charge.
・Patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, and other matters obtained as a result of academic research with donations
Transfer or allow the donor to use the equivalent rights.
・The donor is required to conduct an accounting inspection of the use of the donation.
・After applying for a donation, the donor may cancel all or part of the donation at his or her will.
・Other conditions that the principal deems to be particularly hindered in education and research.

Procedure flow

1. Fill in the necessary items on the donation application form below, and send an e-mail or
Please submit by mail.
Donation Application Form

2. The school will send you a notice of decision to accept the donation and a donation payment form (describing the transfer method) by mail.

3. Please pay the donation to the transfer address stated on the donation payment form.

4. We will send you a donation receipt by mail.

Tax incentives for donations

Donations to the school are specified donations subject to deduction for donations under the Income Tax Act (Article 78, Paragraph 2, Item 2 of the Income Tax Act) and
Designated donations that are fully deductible under the Corporation Tax Act (Article 37, Paragraph 3, Item 2 of the Corporation Tax Act) issued by the Minister of Finance.
It has been decided.
As a result, you can receive the following benefits:

〇 If the donor is an individual
(1) Income tax: Income deduction
The amount obtained by subtracting 2,000 yen from the donation amount (up to 40% of the total income for the year) is deducted from the income amount for the year in question.

(2) Inhabitant tax
As of January 1 of the year following the donation, the prefecture and municipality where you live
If you have designated the Organization as eligible for the donation tax credit, you can receive the donation tax credit for individual inhabitant tax.
Yes. For details, please contact your prefecture or municipality.

〇 If the donor is a corporation
According to Article 37, Paragraph 3, Item 2 of the Corporation Tax Law, the entire amount of the donation can be deductible.

for receiving deductions for donations
During the tax filing period, please file a tax return with the “donation receipt” issued by our school to your local tax office. Note that,
If you do not file an income tax return and only receive a donation tax credit for individual inhabitant tax,
Please submit it with the “donation receipt” to your municipality.

About indirect expenses

Indirect expenses of donations are handled differently depending on the case.
For details, please refer to the National Institute of Technology Organization Indirect Expenses Handling Regulations.

Donation System Inquiries and applications
〒471-8525 Aichi-ken, Toyota-shi, Sakaeichō-cho 2-1
Toyota National College of Technology
General Affairs Planning Section, General Affairs Division