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Held first aid training sessions for faculty and staff

  1. Held first aid training sessions for faculty and staff

For two days on September 19 (Wed) and 20 (Thu), a first aid course was held with firefighters and first aid instructors from the Toyota City North Fire Station as instructors, and a total of 41 people participated.

Our school currently has 7 AEDs installed in the school, and has been used to save the lives of injured and sick people in the past. Therefore, this course is positioned as an important event and is held every year, and faculty and staff take it every three years.

On the day of the event, after receiving an overview explanation, we were divided into groups of 6~8 people and received guidance from the instructor. Each participant experienced how to handle artificial respiration, chest compressions, and AEDs using a doll. In between the practical exercises, each group had a lively question-and-answer session, and the high level of awareness of the students was felt.

In addition, from this year, he gave a lecture that focused on preventive measures and countermeasures against heat stroke in a short time, which was a very useful course for the students.