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The 5th International Exchange Video Contest has begun!

  1. The 5th International Exchange Video Contest has begun!

This is the 5th edition of the International Exchange Video Contest. This time, there were 36 participants (technical college, Thailand, Vietnam), and there were 19 pairs. Starting in June, I will create 4 videos over a period of about half a year. Before the pairing was decided, we held two online courses (in English) to get to know new friends and deepen our understanding of the SDGs.

1 Online exchange meeting (provided by WTOC “Around the World from the Classroom!” project)
May 26 (Fri) 15:30~17:00, 37 participants (16 from Thailand, 4 from Vietnam, 17 from technical colleges)

Students who had never met each other before interacted online. We worked on an activity called “original curry” and gave presentations in each group.

【Curry menu conceived by the exchange party participants and groups】

2 Online workshop (Lecturer: Tamako Watanabe, Japan Research Institute)
June 16 (Fri) 15:30~17:00, 38 participants (16 from Thailand, 4 from Vietnam, 18 from technical colleges)

First, we shared with the group what the SDGs are being worked on around us and in our own countries. After that, he gave a lecture on SDGs and business. As the SDGs are developed as a business, I was able to learn that not only the positive aspects they bring, but also the positive aspects.

[Lecturer Mr. Watanabe (upper right) and technical college students participating from the CALL classroom]

Participants’ Impressions

〇 I was surprised to learn for the first time that even if a company thinks that it is working on the SDGs, it can lead to environmental destruction.
〇I haven’t thought much about the SDGs, but I would like to discuss them with my partners (of the video contest) from now on.