Urgent newsResponse to new coronavirus infections (including our school’s response after May 8)



Revision of the concept of wearing masks

  1. Revision of the concept of wearing masks

March 9, Reiwa 5
Dear Students,

Revision of the concept of wearing masks

Regarding masks as a countermeasure against new coronavirus infections, Reiwa 5 (to schools)
From April 1, wearing will be at the discretion of the individual.
Along with this, the university will not require you to wear a mask. However, depending on the situation
As a measure to protect yourself from infection, wearing a mask is effective, so other people’s
Please be careful not to force you to put on and take off your mask. In addition, you can actively provide information (see below)
Note 6) and behave independently and appropriately.
Below are the judgments and ways to respond to wearing masks.


1.Until 31.Reiwa 5
The current status quo regarding the wearing of masks in schools other than graduation ceremonies will be maintained.
From April 1, 2.Reiwa 5
Wearing a mask is left to the discretion of the individual.
3. If you have symptoms, etc.
Those who have unusual symptoms such as fever of 37.5 ° C or higher, sore throat and cough, new coronavirus infection
If you have tested positive, or if there is a family member who lives with you who has tested positive, you can spread the infection to those around you.
In order to avoid it, refrain from going to school or work.
4. Graduation ceremony
For the graduation ceremony on March 20, students and faculty members will wear masks in the same manner as in 2 above.
Leave it to the judgment of the individual.
(Guests and guardians are requested to wear masks.) )
When removing the mask, refrain from talking loudly and give consideration to others.
5. Temperature measurement reports, etc. from April 1, Reiwa 5
Regarding the health observation of students and faculty members, each student will manage their physical condition, and if they are not feeling well, be sure to supervise them.
Please report to the staff. Conventional temperature measurement reports are not required.
Hand washing, hand disinfection, and ventilation will continue to be maintained.
6. Reference: Wearing a mask (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
a mask is effective>
〇 In order to prevent infection to people at high risk of severe illness, such as the elderly, it is recommended to wear a mask in the following situations.
・When visiting a medical institution
・ When visiting medical institutions or facilities for the elderly where many people at high risk of becoming seriously ill, such as the elderly, are hospitalized and live
・ When boarding a crowded train or bus, such as during the commuting rush hour (handled for the time being)
・ When people with a high risk of severe illness go to crowded places during the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection,
Wearing a mask is an effective measure to protect yourself from infection.