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The long-awaited student dormitory bathroom has been completed

  1. The long-awaited student dormitory bathroom has been completed

At Toyota National College of Technology, a new bathroom in the student dormitory was completed, and a tour was held for university officials on March 29. The size of the bathroom is about 90㎡, and it is a men’s bath with 53 showers, and as a characteristic, mosaic tiles of about 20㎡ are applied to the walls of the bathroom. With the hope that the bathrooms used by students can be used as comfortably as possible, and that the bathrooms designed by students themselves will be carefully used, the bathrooms designed by second-year students were selected through an open call from the university. The people who visited warmed up with big smiles because the bathroom and mosaic tiles were better than they had imagined.

【Front row, from left: Dormitory Supervisor Kanesaka, Educational Affairs Supervisor Ando, Principal Tagawa, General Affairs Director Shimizu】

【Principal and supervisor enjoying the bathroom while soaking in the footbath】