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The 3rd Online Awards Ceremony! International Exchange Video Contest (January 7, Reiwa)

  1. The 3rd Online Awards Ceremony! International Exchange Video Contest (January 7, Reiwa)

The International Exchange Video Contest, which was launched last fiscal year with the aim of continuing international exchange activities even in the face of the Corona disaster, was also held for the third time, with a total of 100 participants. Recently, an online awards ceremony was held for the winners of the 3rd International Exchange Video Contest. We started recruiting in May, and before starting the video, we had an online exchange to interact in advance and deepen our understanding of the SDGs.

Participants of the online exchange (2021.9.2)
WTOC “Around the World from the Classroom!” Project Cooperation

Several videos were created from September to November, and the final video was reviewed by collaborators inside and outside the university. Communicating with overseas countries is fraught with various difficulties, including time differences. The video that was created by overcoming these difficulties was very wonderful, especially the video of the winner was hard to beat. It was a reminder that the pair communicated a lot in the process of creating the video.

The comments of the winners of the 3rd contest will be introduced along with the URL of the created video. Please take a look.

The 3rd International Exchange Video Contest
Best pair: https://youtu.be/MyBezM0_6SU
Team 11 Takeo Ueda (1st year, Department of Construction Engineering)
Miss. Sabina Steinova (UK)

Thank you for choosing us for the Grand Prize! First and foremost, I would like to thank my partner Sabina. I really enjoyed the meeting and video creation with Sabina. We both worked hard to win the championship, so I think we were able to make a good video. Thank you! I would also like to thank the teachers for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. This victory gave me confidence in my speaking skills. Based on these results, I would like to put more effort into international activities using English in the future.

2nd Prize: https://youtu.be/9eTR5fsH_XA
Team 4 Mako Kawamoto (5th year, Department of Architecture)
Miss. Ho Dac Nhu Quynh (Vietnam)

At first, I couldn’t hear or speak English well, but as I talked to my partner more and more, I gradually became able to understand and enjoy communication. I will cherish the encounters I have with my partner and continue to study English and grow!

3rd Prize: https://youtu.be/3u2E0S95aQ4
Team 8 Kosuke Yoshimi (2nd year, Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering)
Miss. Rinrada Banphotphithak (Thailand)

While deepening my relationship with my partner from the summer vacation, I thought about videos. I am not good at English, so I was worried about whether I could communicate well, but I am very happy that I was able to achieve satisfactory results.


The 3rd International Exchange Video Contest Online Award Ceremony
Prizewinners and faculty and staff of the Center for International Exchange (Screen: Participants from overseas)

We received cooperation from various sources such as the principal of our school, our school alumni, the Himawari Network, Kojima Co., Ltd., Japan Research Institute, and the WTOC (Around the World from the Classroom!” project). Thank you very much.

Over the past two years, due to the impact of the new coronavirus, we have been forced to change various plans related to international exchange, and we hope that we will be able to deepen our international understanding as much as possible through such opportunities.