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Reiwa 3rd year teacher award ceremony was held.

  1. Reiwa 3rd year teacher award ceremony was held.

The award ceremony for the 3rd year of Reiwa Toyota National College of Technology was held at our school on Wednesday, February 9, Reiwa.

This award system honors faculty members who have made outstanding achievements in research activities, management and operation, community contribution activities, etc., with a focus on student education, and is implemented with the aim of enhancing and improving various activities such as education, research, and student guidance at the National College of Technology and our school.

At the award ceremony, Associate Professor Manabu Hirano (Department of Information Engineering), Associate Professor Yuki Kumagai (Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering), and Assistant Professor Seigo Takahashi (Department of General Studies) were commended for their achievements.

The reasons for the award are as follows.

Statement of Reasons for the Toyota National College of Technology Teacher Award for Reiwa 3rd Year (PDF file)

(From left: Associate Professor Kumagai, Principal Tagawa, Associate Professor Hirano, Assistant Professor Takahashi)