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Participated in Kosen Robocon 2021 Tokai-Hokuriku Regional Tournament

  1. Participated in Kosen Robocon 2021 Tokai-Hokuriku Regional Tournament

Two teams from Toyota National College of Technology participated in the Idea Showdown National College of Technology Robot Contest 2021 Tokai-Hokuriku Regional Tournament held on Sunday, October 24. From the viewpoint of preventing corona infection, each technical college was held in the form of online distribution of robot performances.

The theme was “Sugo Robo”, and it was a competition in which participants built and demonstrated robots with amazing skills with free ideas.
With the time to make robots limited due to the Corona disaster, both teams had problems with their robots until just before the tournament, but they did not give up until the end, devised and improved them, and were able to show their best performance in the actual event!

Unfortunately, we missed out on participating in the national competition, but we received the “Design Award” in recognition of our ability to express the art world with robots. And through this conference, I was able to deeply experience the fun of manufacturing and the excitement of moving things!

[Robocon A Team: Hortensia] It was a humanoid robot that performed figure skating.

[Robocon B Team: Gardener] I used a robot to express a world where dandelions grow and fly seeds, and new flowers bloom from them.

*The match will be broadcast on NHK General TV on Monday, November 21 from 1:05 p.m. ~ 1:59 p.m. Please take a look.