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Participation in ICT Technology Construction Tour

  1. Participation in ICT Technology Construction Tour

On Tuesday, May 22, students and faculty members of the Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering of our school participated in an ICT technology construction tour conducted by the Taikei-Tecnas Construction Consortium at the site of the (tentative name) Umetsubodai Sports Plaza development work near Toyota National College of Technology.
During the tour, participants observed 3D groundbreaking survey technology using drones and 3D laser scanners, construction machinery such as power excavators that can be controlled in real time using ICT technology, and safety measures using magnetic fields and IC chips, and received detailed explanations from corporate engineers who are active in the field.
It was a meaningful learning opportunity for our students and faculty members to experience the latest construction site technology up close, which they cannot usually experience, and to talk directly with corporate engineers.