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“Center For International Exchange” is making a breakthrough!

  1. “Center For International Exchange” is making a breakthrough!

The Toyota National College of Technology International Exchange Center was officially established in April 20 with the aim of providing necessary education, guidance, and advice to students and international students who wish to study abroad Reiwa as well as enhancing it and promoting international exchange.

Since last year, we have hired full-time foreign faculty members to teach classes such as “Fundamentals of Scientific English” in the third year. The “Center For International Exchange” was established on campus as a dedicated room for the foreign faculty member and as a place for English exchange with students, and a signboard has been installed.

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, studying abroad is still difficult, but our school is promoting international exchange by holding the “International Exchange Video Contest” (a project in which Toyota National College of Technology students and nearby high school students are paired with overseas students and jointly produce presentation videos using Microsoft Teams and other means).

The center plays a central role in holding contests, and has become an indispensable part of our school. It is expected that our school will continue to develop further as a core of international exchange.


(In front of the International Exchange Center, where the signboard is installed)
From left: Mr. Okada, Principal Tagawa, Ms. Regina (full-time foreign teacher), Director of the Nishizawa International Center