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Visit to Toyota City Sister City Derbyshire

  1. Visit to Toyota City Sister City Derbyshire

From Sunday, March 11 to Saturday, March 24, Kaho Koide (3rd year in the Department of Architecture), a student of our school, visited Derbyshire, England as part of the Toyota City Sister City Dispatch Project. I spent two weeks with a homestay for the whole night, going to a local school and going sightseeing in Oxford and other places.

~From Mr. Koide’s impression~
“One thing I’ve realized when I learn about a culture I didn’t know is that I need to have the ability to think about which culture is best suited to the culture I know, depending on the situation I’m in. It was a very moving two weeks, with encounters with students chasing their dreams, and a lot of inspiration from British architecture and culture.”

In a homestay, you can not only learn a language, but also gain various knowledge and experience through learning a language. Why don’t you take advantage of your long vacation and participate in such overseas dispatch programs?