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≪ for regular course students≫ [Important] Acceptance of applications for research credits

  1. ≪ for regular course students≫ [Important] Acceptance of applications for research credits

To All Regular Course Students
* Regular course students who were enrolled last year are eligible. It is not for new first-year students in this course.

For this matter, we will accept applications for the acquisition of research credits that were found to have passed in February ~ March of last year as follows.
Eligible students must submit their documents by the deadline.
For information on the recognition of credits earned through assigned research, please check the Student Handbook.
【Student Handbook】Recognition of Credits Earned through Research (Excerpt)

This is a special measure during school closures.
You do not need to confirm your academic advisor as stated in the application form. Please do not submit it to your academic advisor, but directly to the address below.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Application for Academic Research Credits
    Please download one of the following application forms and fill them out.

     Application for Academic Research Credits [with form function]
    * If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, the above file with the form function is useful. Download the file and enter it in PDF.
     Application for Academic Research Credits
    * If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please write the above file by hand after printing.

     【Example】Application for Academic Credits

  2. Copy of documents proving that you passed
    * The name, the name and level of the certification test (score in the case of TOEIC), the date of taking the examination, or the date of issuance of the pass certificate, etc. are indicated.
    * Image data taken in PDF format or camera is also acceptable.

Submit to

Toyota National College of Technology
Academic Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division
Email: Kyoumu★toyota-ct.ac.jp

★ to @ and send an email.

Please send from your Office365 email address (@toyota.kosen-ac.jp) to verify your identity.
The subject of the e-mail should be “Send Application for Acquisition of Academic Credits”.

Submission Deadline

Tuesday, June 30, Reiwa 2

Flow until credit recognition

  1. Submission of a copy of the application for acquisition of research credits and documents proving that you have passed the project
  2. Notification of receipt of application form [within one week after submission of application]
  3. Notification of credit recognition [around mid-July] With this communication, we will replace the distribution of the receipt.

* All communications will be replied to the email at the time of submission.