Urgent newsResponse to new coronavirus infections (including our school’s response after May 8)



Resumption of ≫ Interview Classes for ≪ Major Students

  1. Resumption of ≫ Interview Classes for ≪ Major Students

Regarding this, we will resume interview classes as follows.


【Resumption of Interview Classes】
5/25 (Mon) 9:00~ 90 minutes class
The timetable is basically the one announced on April 3, but there are some subjects that will change the method of conducting classes from the perspective of infection prevention.
Please follow the instructions of the instructor in charge of the course.
The timetable can be found here.

【About the location】
As at the beginning of April, classes will be held at a different location as follows.
Lecture Room S21→Room 211
Lecture Room S22→Room 221

Request for the resumption of major classes

Our major course will resume regular classes from Monday, May 25, but we will take the following measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, so we ask for your cooperation.

1) Daily health management and decision on whether or not to attend school

Since April 21, Toyota National College of Technology has been calling on students to check their health status and report their measured body temperature and the presence or absence of cold symptoms (via e-mail and website) every day so that they can lead a school life with peace of mind after school closures.
We would like to ask you again that you be sure to check your health every day and report on your health.
The report form can be found here.
Also, if you feel that you are not feeling well, please do not hesitate to rest (miss classes) from the viewpoint of infection prevention. If you miss a class, please consult with the faculty member in charge of the course and receive assignments.

2) Infection prevention and how to take classes

To prevent infection, please wear a mask in the classroom even if you do not have symptoms, and thoroughly wash your hands and gargle when you return home. Also, avoid head-to-head conversations.

3) Disinfection of classrooms

As at the beginning of April, classes for common subjects will be held in the combined classroom of the larger environmental building instead of the classroom on the second floor of the major course. Especially on the first day, please come to school with plenty of time.
Classroom doorknobs, window keys, and interior light switches are disinfected every day. Classrooms for common subjects will initially be disinfected by faculty members, and after the disinfection method is established, students will be on duty to disinfect them. In addition, classrooms used for specialized subjects and laboratories used for special research will be disinfected according to the method decided by each department. We ask for your cooperation in these disinfection work.

4) Use of cafeterias, shops, and libraries

The general cafeteria and shop will not be open until the end of the main course closure, so please bring your own lunch (it is not desirable to go outside the university at lunch time from the viewpoint of infection prevention). Please note that the library is open to students who are allowed to attend school, but the hours of use are limited.