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Lecture organized by the English Department “Beyond English Learning”

  1. Lecture organized by the English Department “Beyond English Learning”

English Department Lecture “Beyond English Learning” was held.

Lecture “Beyond English Learning”

Date and time Friday, December 15, 16:30~18:00
Location Toyota National College of Technology Memorial Hall Conference Room
lecturer TAKTOPIA CO., LTD. Daiyuki Tanaka
substance 1 How to make the most of your study abroad experience
2 Public Speaking Demonstration and Practical Training

“I want to improve my English presentation skills!”, “How can I make use of my study abroad experience?” In response to the students’ voices, we invited Mr. Daiyuki Tanaka as a lecturer and held a lecture titled “Beyond English Learning.” After talking about their own experiences studying abroad and starting a business, the students actually participated and conducted public speaking (presentation) training in English. This year’s event was planned and prepared mainly by members of the English Club, a group of volunteers, and served as moderators and demonstrations, and a total of 60 students, faculty and staff participated, making it a very lively and lively event.

The workshop, which focused on not just speaking English, but also “how” was the first time for many students, and there was a great response. Many comments such as “I’m glad I came,” “I hope to have another opportunity like this,” and “Time passed quickly” were heard, and the students were able to spend a fulfilling time.

In addition, many students felt that their public speaking skills could be used not only in English but also in their daily lives, and I think each of them was able to think about “beyond English learning.”

I would like to thank Mr. Tanaka, the lecturer, and all the participants who made the event more exciting. Thank you very much.