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About remote class explanatory materials

  1. About remote class explanatory materials

About remote class explanatory materials

・Remote classes will be conducted using Teams.
・Install the Teams app.
Teams application version
・Please reply to the message from your supervisor as a class team.
・Click here for how to participate in HR as a class team [How to participate in the Academic Affairs Guidance Meeting]
・Click here for how to take remote classes [How to take remote classes]

・Information security and morals in remote classes [Request document]
・ Specifications of PCs used for remote classes [Recommended PC specifications]


* If you are restricted from installing apps on your smartphone, ask your parent or guardian to allow you to install the Teams app. Depending on your instructor, you may use other apps. In that case, please respond in the same way.


・ About Office365 Teams, about receiving remote classes,
PC specifications, Internet environment
Information Contact-O365★toyota.kosen-ac.jp

・Course registration
Academic Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division Kyoumu★toyota-ct.ac.jp

★ to @ and send an email.