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TEDxToyotaKOSEN (3rd) was held! Thank you very much!!

  1. TEDxToyotaKOSEN (3rd) was held! Thank you very much!!

On Sunday, March 10, 2024, TEDxToyotaKOSEN was held! TEDx is a local version of TED headquartered in the United States, and licensed organizations organize events according to the theme. Toyota National College of Technology obtained a license in 2021 ahead of technical colleges nationwide, and this is the third time the event has been held. This year, six speakers from five groups from various fields took the stage to share ideas that should be disseminated. I could feel that the audience was listening attentively to the ideas derived from his own experiences and the stories backed by the practice that led from them.

After the talks, we held a student-organized workshop, and based on the speakers’ talks, we held a discussion to further deepen our understanding of the SDGs. In addition, a poster created by interviewing Toyota National College of Technology alumni about their work and SDGs initiatives was exhibited at the venue.

Since kicking off in October, about 80 students have been involved in the preparation of the event as members of the executive committee. Until the rehearsal the day before, we were divided into a Talks part that interviewed the speakers in advance and attended the day, a decoration part that took care of the venue design, a participant exchange part that planned and operated the workshop, an IT part that was an expert in audio and video, and a public relations part that called for participation through posters and SNS. The way they played their roles was like an orchestra. In addition, it was impressive to see a student who was a first-year student at the time of the first event serving as a leader in this event, which was held for the third time.

We were able to hold such a global standard event thanks to the efforts of our speakers, who are professionals in their respective fields, and the Toyota National College of Technology student staff. In addition, we received the cooperation of many people at the event. Thank you very much.

Through the event, I was able to witness how the students’ abilities are utilized in their respective fields and enhanced through collaboration. In the future, I hope that you will continue to take on the challenge of activities and practices that will further enhance what you have gained from this experience.

A video of TEDx Talk will be posted on YouTube, and we will inform you as soon as it is ready.

〇 Speakers (in order of presentation)

Your name substance
Ratnar Sam Digital Fabrication
(Sustainable Manufacturing)
Lina Siev Self Validation
(Nurture mentality)
Daisuke Tamamura Sustainable agriculture with new compost
Millicent Dumalaog
& Shinsuke Hori
(Mimi & Harry)
Don’t Pursue Your Pasion
(Mission, not Passion)
Atsushi Hayashi Who Owns Society?
(Social Ownership)