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KOSEN Global Camp in Toyota

  1. KOSEN Global Camp in Toyota

From Monday, February 19th to Sunday, February 25th, we held a KOSEN Global Camp at our school. The workshop was attended by 14 participants from overseas (UK, Thailand, Vietnam), 17 Toyota National College of Technology students, 7 Suzuka National College of Technology students, and 1 Maizuru National College of Technology student. International students from Cambodia, Malaysia, and Mongolia who belong to technical colleges also participated, and the workshop was rich in diversity with English as a common language.
Under the theme of “Total Workshop on Field, Manufacturing, Design, and Engineering for the Smart City of the Future,” students from various countries formed a group of about six people, toured Toyota City using LEGO bricks, and proposed a future city while listening to the opinions of citizens.
The participating students spent an intense week sleeping and eating together in the dormitory of Toyota National College of Technology.

This program was supported by the Sakura Science Exchange Program for International Youth sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

Session 1 Urban Planning with LEGO Part 1

Session 1 Urban Planning with LEGO Part 2

Session 3 Walking around Toyota City

Session 6 Final Presentation

Welcome Party

Scene in the dormitory

Overall photo

Interaction between faculty members