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Startup Business Held the 1st School Pitch Contest

  1. Startup Business Held the 1st School Pitch Contest

With the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Startup Education Environment Improvement Project, our school held its first in-school pitch competition on Thursday, February 22, Reiwa 6, at the school’s Memorial Hall conference room.
The purpose of this competition is to provide an opportunity for students participating in the Startup Education Environment Improvement Project to learn how to solve each other’s problems, and to foster encouragement, new awareness, and a spirit of cooperation.
The event was organized by “01-circle”, a group of students aiming to start a business, and was sponsored by Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd. The judges were from the Japan Finance Corporation, Aichi Capital Co., Ltd., and eight Co., Ltd.
This time, three teams gave four-minute presentations to explain their business plans and received a five-minute Q&A session from the judges. After the presentations, we interviewed the presenters and asked them why they chose the project and how they came to realize it.
After that, the results of the judging were announced and awards were given. In his concluding remarks, Principal Yamada said that he hopes that by keeping social issues in mind on a daily basis, students will be motivated to learn and solve technology.

Scene from the venue

Students presenting

Presenter’s Interview

Commemorative photo