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Exhibited at Toyohashi University of Technology TECH Festival

  1. Exhibited at Toyohashi University of Technology TECH Festival

We exhibited at the Toyohashi University of Technology TECH Festival held on Saturday, August 26, continuing from last year. This initiative was implemented in collaboration with the Educational Support Section of the Educational Affairs Division of Toyohashi University of Technology based on the comprehensive agreement on education and research exchange concluded between Toyohashi University of Technology, and members of the popular RoboCup team “KIKS” played a “human-to-AI mini-game experience using soccer robots” and promoted the school through pamphlets and other materials.
On the day of the event, many people visited the university, and more than 100 people, mainly elementary school students and parents, visited our booth. In the mini-game experience, participants piloted a robot with a game controller and experienced RoboCup in a battle format with an AI robot. Participants asked questions about robots one after another, and the faculty member in charge of our school explained that the robots are handmade by our students, and that in the actual competition, the position information of all robot balls of friend and foe is obtained from the camera, and each robot operates automatically by AI program. When the actual competition video was played on the screen in the venue, the participants were surprised by the smooth and accurate movements of the robots.
In addition, at our open campus to be held on October 7 (Sat) and 8 (Sun), Toyohashi University of Technology will exhibit (let’s take a look at the Tech Metaverse Laboratory).