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Exhibited at Charm Discovery Festa 2023

  1. Exhibited at Charm Discovery Festa 2023

We exhibited at the Toyota City High School Attraction Discovery Festa 2023 held at Sky Hall Toyota on Sunday, August 20. Fifteen prefectural high schools, special needs schools, and technical colleges in the city participate in this event, with the aim of introducing their distinctive initiatives, appeals, career paths, etc. to junior high school students, parents, and citizens, and having them use them as a reference for career choices. For the past three years, due to the spread of the new corona infection, we canceled events at the venue and produced PR videos for each school, but it was the first time in a long time that the event was held face-to-face.
On the day of the event, many visitors visited the venue as soon as the doors opened and toured the stages and booths of each school. At our school’s booth, we exhibited posters of specialized departments, experienced booths, counseling on higher education, etc., and actively promoted the exhibition to visitors from our students and faculty members who participated as staff. In addition, at the entrance, robots participating in Student Robocon 2023 were exhibited and demonstrated. The way the rings were put into the pole with precision and succession was well received, and many visitors were surprised and impressed by the students’ explanations. At the end of the schedule, the final stage was held by the student executive committee members of each school, which had been preparing for about five months, and ended with great success.
This is the fourth time our school has participated in this program, and it is a good opportunity for junior high school students and citizens to learn about the appeal of Toyota National College of Technology.