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Participate in the International Robot Contest for High School Students!

  1. Participate in the International Robot Contest for High School Students!

From March 28 to 30, 10 volunteer students (Kai Inagaki, Yoshihiro Kimura, Satoshi Sakakibara, Taisuke Tane) who are currently in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering participated in the FIRST® Robotics Competition Hawaii regional competition held in Hawaii. , Kota Nakanishi, Tora Nishimura, Fumiyoshi Matano, Yoshino Miyazaki, Tatsuyuki Moriya, Daio Yamazaki) participated (team name: “Team Cold Guy“).

FRC (FIRST® Robotics Competition) is from 15 to 18 years oldIt is a global international robot competition for age generations. In this competition, not only the production and perfection of the robot, but also team management is evaluated, such as sponsoring companies, collecting donations to raise funds, and supporting other teams, which is different from Kosen Robocon. Unfortunately, we were not able to participate in the championship this time, but it was a great experience for all the members to participate in the overseas robot competition for the first time.

Interaction with overseas teams in English, appeal to the judges, and the enthusiasm and robots of the powerful venue. It was a fascinating three days. We are also updating the activity schedule for the next year and recruiting members from time to time.

FRC Official Web Site (Overseas Link):