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Automotive Department participates in Eco-Run Competition

  1. Automotive Department participates in Eco-Run Competition

On Saturday, June 15, the Automotive Department participated in the 33rd Suzuka Eco-Mileage Challenge 2019 (Eco-Run) held at the East Course of the Suzuka Circuit.

This competition is a competition to see how many kilometers you can run with 1 liter of gasoline with your own vehicle. Our team finished within the time limit, had a fuel consumption of 247 km/L, and finished 4th out of 17 teams in Group III (university, junior college, technical college, vocational school student class).

The actual race was a tough race with heavy rain and slippery conditions and many retirements in the middle, but our car ran safely without any problems while driving. As a result of repeated improvements based on the reflection of last year’s competition in which I participated in a body donated by Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd., this time we significantly improved last year’s record of 199 km / L despite the poor conditions.

On the day of the event, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Kojima of Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd., as well as all the people involved in Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd. and Uchihama Kasei Co., Ltd., for their encouragement and advice to the members of the event.

We are not satisfied with this year’s results, but we will continue to improve our vehicles and improve our technology for next year.